Wars of the Roses for Lion Rampant

Since I had spare MAA and billmen, and skirmish based archers for Hail Caesar, this was actually pretty quick project to put together. I want to add some variety with some hangunners (bidowers probably) and some Currors.DSCF0918





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The Kingmaker

Some progress on my 28mm WOTR. I finished Warwick, a gun and a unit of mounted men at arms – I hate painting horses. Not sure what it is, but I really do. After several abortive airbrush, drybrush, highlighting… whatever else I could try I blocked in colours and washed them. Calling them done and I will practise some more on the rest of the box before I buy a unit of light cavalry.

The cavalry:

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The gun:

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Warwick the Kingmaker:

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I also completed some more units of Men at Arms and a unit of bill, but those will have to wait until I get some banners…

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Frostgrave Round 2

I say round 2, it was round 1 for version 2 of my warband after their mauling in our opening 3 player game (my fault for having stand in wizards I guess…)

My warband before the game [Chronomancer, Apprentice, Infantryman, Templar (in the back), three Archers]:


Some pictures of the game (before my mat from Ceri Designs was ordered unfortunately….) Ended up in a victory for my group, though my Wizard never made it up the tower. The Templar did though and he heroically jumped down with the treasure. Time to recruit a Captain!

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Some better pics of my Wizard and her Apprentice. These two models are the reason I chose a chronomancer!

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More Elves and Dorfs… Dragon Rampant

Rich and I played Dragon Rampant. It was excellent.


2016-01-08 18.16.28 2016-01-08 20.56.03 2016-01-08 20.45.40

Lessons learned: Don’t charge cavalry through corn fields. Gamble harder on boasts.

Rich won 12 Glory to 9: I failed to kill his expensive units!

Hopefully we can play some Lion Rampant soon as well.

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Kings of War

Starting to get some regular wargaming in now, in among boardgames, reenactment and RPGs!

Last night Rich and I played Kings of War. We cracked out our old Warhammer Fantasy Models (Because Age of Sigmarines sucks!) and played a 1250 point game.

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I really like the list selection, though both of us suffered from having too many warmachines in our collections and not enough regiments!

the rules flow really nicely and the abstraction of heights and wound counters meant that everything was really quick. We had to reference a few things and I like how streamlined the magic rules are, although I did kind of miss the depth of the old WHFB magic systems. We also liked the fact that sustained combat doesn’t happen, that it is all charge and counter charge, and that combat itself was quick to resolve.

Turns out that the game is pretty bloody too; we discovered early on that units can vanish very quickly under concentrated fire power or a lucky rout roll. In the end my characters managed to get themselves and my remaining unit close enough to the centerline to force a draw at the end of the game.

A fun games system that made fighting with regiments really easy I’d happily play again.

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Project Status: 28mm Republican Romans

Finished a Unit of Hastati (Finally)

2015-12-01 17.44.06

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Review: Noble Soldiers Resin Walls

I got some walls from http://www.noblesoldiers.com/.

2015-05-17 13.21.54

Cast in quick-cast resin, they were a steal at £1.50 each. I bought them speculatively, as I am mostly loathed to buy resin items without seeing them in person, but these have turned out great. There were a few minor bubbles, but they are hardly noticeable when the model is painted, and especially with some creative placement of moss!

I washed them and threw a white prime onto them, then a basecoat of the old GW Adeptus Battlegrey paint (I have a couple of pots from when Hobbycraft cleared out their GW paint stock). A quick GW Codex Grey highlight, and then 50/50 Codex Grey/Skull White left them looking gameable:

2015-05-17 15.48.15

I really like the wall sections and I’ll finish them off with some flock moss the next time I do a basing session. I’d recommend them if anyone was interested in easy finish low cost walls that look pretty good. My only negative really is that there isn’t much variation in the sections, as the only things on offer are straight and 90 degree corners. So Jason,if you ever see this, maybe a T-Junction, a curve or a different straight?

Anyway, I give these a 9/10, with big pluses for ease of painting/construction (something I long for in terrain) but a slight negative for the lack of variety and the slight bubbling.





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Project Status: 28mm Bolt Action British

Well over 1,000 points completed for this army now:

8 man squads with Bren and SMG

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HQ units inc Forward Artillery Observer

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2015-05-17 10.41.23

AEC Mark III and Universal Carrier (in need of a bit of dirtying up)

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Support Teams; PIAT, MMG, 6-Pdr

2015-05-17 14.42.55

Still to complete is another Cromwell, 2 ten man squads, an M5 and a Mortar.

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Project Status: Normandy Board

I’m working on a gaming board, planning it to be a Normandy board, around the time of the breakout from the beaches – so Operation Goodwood/Market Garden I guess.

The plan is to aim for 6×4, with a small hamlet, roads, some woodland, lanscaping, walls and hedges etc.

Currently I have

  • Small farmhouse
  • Small Shop
  • Single Storey house
  • Machine Gun bunker
  • 6mm MDF for the board
  • 3mm MDF for roads, scenery basing
  • wood to make frames for the boards

The houses are all from Sarissa Precision, the MDF from Wickes and the additional wood courtesy of my Father’s shed. Spent an afternoon in his garden using this beastie to cut up the wood ready to assemble the boards and make some roads:

2015-05-13 19.36.50

Pics of buildings will follow in a later post when I start to paint them.

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Project Status: 28mm Republican Romans

More Hail Caesar stuff, this time Republican Romans for Pyrrhic wars.

I have a few assembled from Aventine:

2015-05-17 11.31.40

And the lovely, but fragile, Agema range:

2015-05-17 11.32.55 2015-05-17 11.32.37

Mostly in the test painting and assembly phase I have more than enough Romans for two divisions to represent the two Roman Legions at Heraclea. Once they are done I will look into the allied legions and the cavalry.

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