Review: Noble Soldiers Resin Walls

I got some walls from

2015-05-17 13.21.54

Cast in quick-cast resin, they were a steal at £1.50 each. I bought them speculatively, as I am mostly loathed to buy resin items without seeing them in person, but these have turned out great. There were a few minor bubbles, but they are hardly noticeable when the model is painted, and especially with some creative placement of moss!

I washed them and threw a white prime onto them, then a basecoat of the old GW Adeptus Battlegrey paint (I have a couple of pots from when Hobbycraft cleared out their GW paint stock). A quick GW Codex Grey highlight, and then 50/50 Codex Grey/Skull White left them looking gameable:

2015-05-17 15.48.15

I really like the wall sections and I’ll finish them off with some flock moss the next time I do a basing session. I’d recommend them if anyone was interested in easy finish low cost walls that look pretty good. My only negative really is that there isn’t much variation in the sections, as the only things on offer are straight and 90 degree corners. So Jason,if you ever see this, maybe a T-Junction, a curve or a different straight?

Anyway, I give these a 9/10, with big pluses for ease of painting/construction (something I long for in terrain) but a slight negative for the lack of variety and the slight bubbling.





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