Kings of War

Starting to get some regular wargaming in now, in among boardgames, reenactment and RPGs!

Last night Rich and I played Kings of War. We cracked out our old Warhammer Fantasy Models (Because Age of Sigmarines sucks!) and played a 1250 point game.

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I really like the list selection, though both of us suffered from having too many warmachines in our collections and not enough regiments!

the rules flow really nicely and the abstraction of heights and wound counters meant that everything was really quick. We had to reference a few things and I like how streamlined the magic rules are, although I did kind of miss the depth of the old WHFB magic systems. We also liked the fact that sustained combat doesn’t happen, that it is all charge and counter charge, and that combat itself was quick to resolve.

Turns out that the game is pretty bloody too; we discovered early on that units can vanish very quickly under concentrated fire power or a lucky rout roll. In the end my characters managed to get themselves and my remaining unit close enough to the centerline to force a draw at the end of the game.

A fun games system that made fighting with regiments really easy I’d happily play again.

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