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Frostgrave Round 2

I say round 2, it was round 1 for version 2 of┬ámy warband after their mauling in our opening 3 player game (my fault for having stand in wizards I guess…) My warband before the game [Chronomancer, Apprentice, Infantryman, Templar … Continue reading

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More Elves and Dorfs… Dragon Rampant

Rich and I played Dragon Rampant. It was excellent. Pictures! Lessons learned: Don’t charge cavalry through corn fields. Gamble harder on boasts. Rich won 12 Glory to 9: I failed to kill his expensive units! Hopefully we can play some … Continue reading

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Kings of War

Starting to get some regular wargaming in now, in among boardgames, reenactment and RPGs! Last night Rich and I played Kings of War. We cracked out our old Warhammer Fantasy Models (Because Age of Sigmarines sucks!) and played a 1250 … Continue reading

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