Project Status: 28mm Bolt Action British

Well over 1,000 points completed for this army now:

8 man squads with Bren and SMG

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HQ units inc Forward Artillery Observer

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2015-05-17 10.41.23

AEC Mark III and Universal Carrier (in need of a bit of dirtying up)

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Support Teams; PIAT, MMG, 6-Pdr

2015-05-17 14.42.55

Still to complete is another Cromwell, 2 ten man squads, an M5 and a Mortar.

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Project Status: Normandy Board

I’m working on a gaming board, planning it to be a Normandy board, around the time of the breakout from the beaches – so Operation Goodwood/Market Garden I guess.

The plan is to aim for 6×4, with a small hamlet, roads, some woodland, lanscaping, walls and hedges etc.

Currently I have

  • Small farmhouse
  • Small Shop
  • Single Storey house
  • Machine Gun bunker
  • 6mm MDF for the board
  • 3mm MDF for roads, scenery basing
  • wood to make frames for the boards

The houses are all from Sarissa Precision, the MDF from Wickes and the additional wood courtesy of my Father’s shed. Spent an afternoon in his garden using this beastie to cut up the wood ready to assemble the boards and make some roads:

2015-05-13 19.36.50

Pics of buildings will follow in a later post when I start to paint them.

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Project Status: 28mm Republican Romans

More Hail Caesar stuff, this time Republican Romans for Pyrrhic wars.

I have a few assembled from Aventine:

2015-05-17 11.31.40

And the lovely, but fragile, Agema range:

2015-05-17 11.32.55 2015-05-17 11.32.37

Mostly in the test painting and assembly phase I have more than enough Romans for two divisions to represent the two Roman Legions at Heraclea. Once they are done I will look into the allied legions and the cavalry.

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Project Status: Hail Caesar Lancastrians

Because the Perry Minatures Wars of the Roses range is just amazing, the 10mm project morphed into 28mm, and so far I have 2 units of bowmen and a unit of Men at Arms complete, so almost enough for a single division done (less banners and a bit of basing).

I have an absolute ton of these to work on, including a box of foot knights that I haven’t even clipped anything off. The plan is to have enough Lancastrians to represent the army at Barnet; so one of my units are going to be from any of the 4 noble lords present:

Warwick Archers (his was a reserve division, so is likely to contain less archers than the norm, so I suspect I will not do many more archers in his colours)

2015-05-17 11.27.02

Montague Archers (he held the centre)

2015-05-17 11.27.59

Exeter (the fool who held the Lancastrian left) Men at arms

2015-05-17 11.28.31

No Oxford troops yet, as finding a suitable colour for his livery has been a chore. I intend each division to have probably two units of archers, a unit of bill and a small unit of MAA as a first goal, with the Warwick division getting a unit of mounted MAA in place of some archers and Montague some artillery and handgunners in addition.

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Project Status: 15mm Flames of War Germans

Update on how the Flames of War Germans are going.

I have about 1,000 points almost finished:

Panzer Grenadiers (Motorised Infantry)

2015-05-17 11.36.30

Panthers (so many…)


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They all either need toning with Army Painter Soft tone, or any shine spraying to finish up, and then the final flocking on the bases

I also bought the Ramsch’s Charge box at salute, so here are those vehicles almost all sprayed up ready to go:

2015-05-17 11.42.03

I haven’t fully assembled the infantry from the box yet.

So that’s where the FoW stuff is at… Maybe we’ll get a game in soon!

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Devlan Mud tastes AWFUL

So I did some more preparation work today:

A Panzergrenadier platoon and the Command section Motorbike ready for undercoating
Many War of the Roses archers ready for spraying
Bombard and crew also prepped for undercoats!
I also sprayed the command section and made a start on my test figure:
So here he is in his undercoated glory
And after I painted some block base colours. That’s Vallejo German Grey (995) for the trousers, Vallejo Reflective Green (890) for the jacket, Citadel Calthan Brown on the gun and pack and Citadel Tallern Flesh for the skin areas.
I then washed him in Devlan Mud (which I accidentally ingested, it tastes as awful as it smells kids!) [pic to follow] and I’m going to touch up some details with metal and some other brown shades. Right now I feel the whole piece is rather dark, but that could be improved with a brighter base, and some better light in my living room.
Overall I’m not massively impressed with my first 15mm effort, but I guess things will get better as I do a few more pieces, and I get a lamp because the light in my living room is godawful for painting.
That’s all for today, will post an update when I’ve done some more work…
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So what am I working on?

So I have several projects on the go at the moment:

  • Flames of War: Late War Eastern Front German
  • Warmaster Historical: 10mm War of the Roses Lancastrian
  • Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Guard
All of them are in various stages of work, with the historical bits being my main target at the moment (at least until I realise I need to sort out an army for a 40k event….)
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